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Wonders - Trio Makeup Sponge Set


An ideal gift set that has 3 pcs hydrophilic non latex polyurethane makeup sponges + a rose gold sponge holder!

Happy gifting with 3 different styles & colours of sponge. Velvety texture that creates a flawless, airbrushed look 💖

Size: 40*60mm

Skew Style in Pink

Water Drop Style in Maroon Red

Gourd Style in Sky Blue

Hurry! only 89 left in stock.


Wonders Happy Gifting Set

Tell Me More About It!

These sponges can be used when it’s dry but even better when it’s wet!

Ultra Soft + non-abrasive microfiber material made with very small fibers that are smaller than a strand of silk & hold onto any liquid product.

Different sizes & shapes to cover all your needs on makeup application.

Blend easily & effortlessly!

Additional gifts in this box set include cotton swab for removing your eye & lip makeups AND reusable makeup remover pad made with 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton.

Safe to use on all skin types. Approved by:


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