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Lime Crime - Lip Pops Satin Lipstick in Sangria


lipstick with a twist​​

Lip Pops satin lipsticks give your lips silky smoothness while making ‘em pop with color! Take a break from matte lips and glide Lip Pops on to get a satin finish with buildable coverage. Coat your lips in just a hint of a hue or saturate ‘em in layers—whatever you want! Lip Pops also come in a sleek, twisty tube that easily retracts so you can quickly apply color onto your lips in seconds.​

This product is cruelty free & vegan.

Shade: Cool Toned Red

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Lip Pops Satin Lipstick

Ready for a real twisty treat? All you gotta do is click the Lip Pop up, swipe it on, twist that bottom to the left to send it back down, then cap it for the next time you wanna get lightweight, satiny lips ASAP! Satisfy your lip cravings and get color in a click.​

With buildable coverage, you can give your lips just a hint of a hue or saturated layers of color.​ Sheens condition and lock in moisture.​ Lemon-lime scented so your lips look and smell yummy!​

WHAT IT DOES: Refreshes lips with a moisturized satin finish and a hint of color. It’ll look like a colorful ice pop has melted right onto your lips—only without the hot, sticky mess!​

WHAT IT WON’T DO: Give you dull, dry, or cracked lips!

How To Use?

To close your Lip Pop correctly, make sure to twist your Lip Pop LEFT to send it back down!​

Make lip color pop longer with Ghost Veil Lip Primer!​

Create a colorfully shiny gloss effect by slicking on any glosses afterward.​


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