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Juvias Place - The Warrior II Eyeshadow Palette

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Introducing the first all Matte Palette from Juvia’s Place – Perfect everyday palette to create your most stunning looks!

Super rich, smooth & easy to blend array of colors.
Inspired by the ferocious and decapitating beauty of the Dahomey Amazons of Africa, who deifed societal norms to protect their people.

A true embodiment of strength, fierceness and beauty.  The Warrior 2 palette cosists of 9 highly pigmented shades.

NET Weight: 1.14 0z

Hurry! only 3 left in stock.


All Matte Palette

Shades Include:

Yodit, Kufuru, Walzana, Daura, Zama, Jamata, Shawata, Kana, Zaz


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