ColourPop (Fourth Ray Beauty) – Opalite Roller



Made from crystal opalite ? – this facial roller is an essential tool to any skincare routine. Gently massage upward with this roller to help cool and soothe puffiness, improve blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, improve skin elasticity, and relieve facial tension.

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About Opal Face Roller

DO: Put me in the fridge or dip me in ice cold water before use! Then post about it on Instagram and make all your friends jealous.

DON’T: Put me in the freezer – roller will become very fragile and can break.


Roll your face with soft, light pressure—as if you’re barely touching it—in an outward direction. Suggest to put on your favorite face oil before massaging with the roller, as it encourages the dewy product to sink into your skin. 

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ColourPop (Fourth Ray Beauty) – Opalite Roller

ColourPop (Fourth Ray Beauty) – Opalite Roller